Henry D. Muhammad (Hamilton)’s workshops are interactive and psycho-dynamic. His talks are motivating, stimulating and thought provoking. His materials are well researched and in tune with modern and historic perspectives but he uses a spiritual tone, if you will, to take his message to higher science that he refers to as ‘The Heal Zone’!

1) Recovery Phase II; In Recovery Phase II we talk about what happens after a person enters into what is termed ‘Full Sustained Remission’

  • The Adjustment Period - Feelings, Actions, Thoughts vs Thoughts, Feelings, Actions
  • Activating or Utilizing newly acquired skill sets or 'The Steps'
  • Identifying your purpose in life and establishing goals and objectives to realize it

2) The Disease of Addiction; The Disease of Addiction looks at this concept from a medical and biopsychosocial perspective. It addresses in detail the following:

  • Symptoms of the Disease of Addiction
  • How these symptoms manifest in mental, physical and emotional realities
  • 'PAW' Post Acute Withdrawal

3) Spirituality; Spirituality is discussed from many perspectives in contrast to the empirical findings as it relates health, wellness and recovery:

  • The Twelve (12) Steps & The Twelve (12) Promises
  • Meditation, Fasting & Prayer
  • Digestion and The Brain

4) Addiction is a Family Disease; This subject explores the ‘Geneology’ of the illness and how to identify and stop its continuance.

  • Creating and analyzing a Genogram
  • Family Dynamics, Emotional & Co-Dependency
  • Identifying the origin and changing or reversing the process
  • DABDA - Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance


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