The Book



The purpose of this book is to introduce a true introspection of the inner workings of the mind and reality of the author and his journey from poverty, drug addiction, mental illness, imprisonment and homelessness to a successful self-made expert and professional entrepreneur in the field of mental/behavioral healthcare and addictions services. The book is a testament that treatment when empathic, genuine, spiritual, eclectic and most important, culturally sensitive, works. This book is the authors testimony that recovery is not only possible but limitless.

The author has studied and learned from some of the best minds in his field and has developed a style and approach to treatment all his own. He is the founder and chief executive officer of a State Licensed Ambulatory Care Center that has evolved into a comprehensive system of care from prevention/intervention to tertiary care and recovery supports. This book is the beginning of the recording of a transformative phenomenon that will be used to save hundreds of thousands even millions of lives.

This book is a part of the author’s mission, which is to see a day when treatment for mental illness, behavior healthcare and substance use disorder is no longer needed and health, wellness, fairness, equity, safety and righteous human conduct is commonplace. Please read this book, keep an open mind and enjoy the journey to New Life!